BRWNE ™ Waterproof Eyeshadow

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BRWNE ™ Waterproof browshadow comes in a glass packaging, and its texture is creamy.

With its rich composition, it gives you the possibility to create the perfect eyebrows, creating the eyebrow shape you want, with the security of the duration of the result until your make-up removal.

 24 hour duration. Waterproof product

Instructions for use:

Apply to the special brush “BRWNE BRW BRUSH”, a small amount, start from the corner of the eyebrows towards the end thus emphasizing the corner. Then with whatever product is left on the brush correct the front of the brows gently for a more natural effect.

Then, brush your eyebrows, thus achieving an even product distribution.

It should be noted that the more color you put on the brush, the more intense the shade of the shadow will be or the opposite.

After use, close the jar tightly so that the formula does not dry out.

If you notice any dryness in the product during use, add a drop of BRWNE BRWOIL and mix well.

Removes with an oil-based make-up removing lotion, or with a make-up removing soap.

Be careful, when removing, to make gentle movements so as not to injure the hair follicle.

 Lasts all day

 Extremely stable in water

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