What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files on your computer that are used to store information about how many times you have visited our website and what you were interested in during those visits. Cookies do not contain personal information that can be used to identify you.

Why are cookies necessary?

Cookies help us provide a better user experience on our website.

For example, cookies can record your preferences and settings, entries on electronic forms and information about registered users.

The basic functions of e-business would be impossible without cookies. More specifically, online stores use cookies for record products in the shopping cart, favorite products, other information about purchases, etc.

Cookies allow us to record website statistics, which in turn helps us to discover and correct any errors and offer better content or a more appropriate service on your next visits to our website.

With the help of cookies, any advertising partners may need to provide relevant advertisements to you.

Some cookies are essential for the website to function properly, while others can only be stored with your consent.

Disable cookies

Most browsers automatically accept cookies. You can disable cookies at any time by changing your browser settings. Information about the settings for cookies in the respective search engines is available at the following links:

Internet Explorer

Disabling cookies will prevent the website from working optimally or disable some of its features. However, even with all cookies disabled, your browser will still receive certain information required for the basic operation of our website.

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